About High Crest

At High-Crest, we operate provincially licensed and regulated health care facilities, with five facilities operating in Nova Scotia. We are a Nationally Accredited company. Our high standards, safe work practices, healthy and stimulating environment ensures a high quality lifestyle for each and every resident.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve the community and our residents by providing a living area and a place where residents feel at home, while offering a variety of programs and professional services to promote a high quality of life in a caring environment that provides client safety, personal choice, comfort, autonomy, privacy and upholds individual dignity through continued independence.

Our Vision Statement

Our Vision is to be a recognized leader with ethical values in quality, innovation, client safety and excellence of services in the provision of care while in the province of Nova Scotia.

Our Strategic Direction

Create a culture of health and safety, so that the environments where residents, volunteers and staff live, visit and work promote safety, comfort and well being while providing the highest quality of care and service.

Create and maintain a sustainable integrated system through technology and research within all of High-Crest Enterprises Ltd. homes which would enable us to renovate and expand existing homes and construct new homes.

Create, provide and assist community based programs, utilizing other health care providers, community organizations, volunteers and staff while fostering positive relationships with community partners to help meet the needs of our community.

Create a formal approach to quality management and use continuous quality improvement process in our work through offering educational upgrades for employees to better enhance their professionalism while constantly improving the care and safety of the residents

Act in the best interest of our clients ensuring that decisions related to care and services are sensitive to moral and cultural issues.

Identify related services and other opportunity outside the normal business scope that is provided by High-Crest Enterprises Ltd such as assisted living, home care, transportation requirements for seniors in our community.