Dietary Services

At High-Crest Enterprises we incorporate best practices in nutrition, food service and dining programs to provide our residents with the best dining experience meeting their required nutritional needs. We recognize that quality nutrition, hydration and a pleasurable dining experience enhances the “quality of life” and the “quality of care” for our residents in Long Term Care.

A resident’s nutritional requirements are assessed and taken into consideration when meal preparation is completed. Our residents as well as family members can provide residents food preferences and any special nutritional needs. We ensure ongoing consultations with the residents, family, substitute decision makers and our resident care team are conducted when needed to ensure best practices continue to support our residents needs.

The High-Crest Enterprises Dietitian assesses our residents needs for nutrition and everyday support with meal planning. Our dietitian also collaborates with the resident, their families, and health care providers to plan for your family members’ care and needs. With expertise in meeting the dietary needs of residents in Long Term Care, policies, standards and menu planning to provide resident-centered care and optimal nutrition, our team is focused on providing the best quality nutrition and enjoyable dining experiences.

Our facilities provide a great dining room experience with a friendly and open atmosphere. We provide our residents with the ability to have a pleasurable dining experience to promote psychological and social well-being as well as their physical well being with balanced nutrition.