Strategic Vision

Our Statement of Core Values

Our primary desire is to exceed expectations by striving to continually improve our focus on the needs and quality of life of our residents.

Our commitment is achieved by building quality partnerships with the community and by recruiting and training dynamic teams of leaders and care givers who are quality focused and client oriented.

Our commitment is also to invest in the quality of our people by supporting the educational goals of staff seeking to improve their knowledge and skills.

The strategic priorities are to foster and establish within the core of our operation certain categories of cultures.

Our adept, kind and hard working culture is the backbone to the organization.

The residents and clients are treated with the utmost respect and always considered top priority.

Culture of Safety

Define resident and staff safety as a strategic priority, identify risk factors, define protocol and adopt measures to prevent, minimize and manage risks.

Culture of Quality

Continuously improve the quality of care and services that we deliver.

Culture of Comfort

Upgrade and improve our indoors, outdoors and community environment.

Culture of Innovation

Optimize opportunities available through innovation and technology to improve services, our environment and the quality of life of clients.

Culture of Wellness

Foster opportunities for staff wellness, safety, growth and harmonious employment relations.

Culture of Inclusion

Provide opportunities for meaningful family, stakeholder and community involvement.

Culture of Growth

Improve operational practices to optimize the organization’s strength and pursue opportunities for growth.